Traditional Lancashire Bomb

  • Shelf Life : 3 months
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    • Waxed bomb
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  • The Shorrock family have been making Lancashire Cheese for generations, and they developed their first ‘Cheese Bomb’ over 20 years ago, as a gift for a friend. The Shorrocks Lancashire Cheese Bombs have now become famous and come in a variety of different flavours.

    The classic, famous and original Lancashire Cheese Bomb, wonderful creamy cheese presented in traditional black wax. It can be enjoyed on its own or is superb with some fruit and/or a good red wine or port.

      • A Shorrock’s Lancashire Cheese Bomb
      • Encased in black wax coating
      • A great gift idea
    Maximum Freshness
    Ice Packed
    Family Business Established
    Over 10 years ago
    Vintage Cheese Bomb
    PRICE: £7.50
    In Stock

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