Speciality Roasts for those Special Occasions

There is something for everyone here!  From a small chicken crown with venison, apricot and brandy sausage meat serving just 2, to the magnificent NEW 5 Bird Roast!

  • FF image soon 1.jpg

    Boned Chicken with Partridge Breasts

    GLUTEN FREE - Chicken with Partridge Breasts

    £25.00 in stock


  • game roulade for website.jpg

    Lakeland Game Roulade

    Venison, pheasant, pigeon

    £30.00 in stock


  • Game three bird Roast

    Game Three Bird Roast


    £45.00 in stock


  • Mini 3 bird Roast

    Mini Three Bird Roast

    GLUTEN FREE Whole boned duck with pheasant meat, partridge breast with a pork and cranberry sausage meat

    £59.00 in stock


  • 3 bird roast.jpg

    Turkey Three Bird Roast

    Boned Turkey, layered with a boned duck and boneless pheasant filled with a chestnut sausage meat

    £86.00 in stock


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    Goose Three Bird Roast

    Boned goose stuffed with a boned chicken, stuffed with a boned pheasant and filled with a cranberry and rosemary sausage meat

    £96.00 in stock


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